Hot Foil & Debossed Business Cards Hot Foil & Debossed Business Cards Coloplan 540gsm card colours Colorplan card by G F Smith. This range of 56 colours of uncoated natural grain card is probably the most respected brand on the market. One of the key points that sets it apart from other business cards is the impressive thickness available of 540gsm and 700gsm. The 540gsm is the most popular and plenty thick enough, making all other business cards appear thin and cheap in comparison. Always check 'GSM' when buying business cards - these extra thick business cards really give a lasting impression. Another point is the 'feel' and look of the matt, natural grain on these cards as opposed to the 'coated' cards used for 'batch printing' by all the quickprint suppliers. For an even more impressive/unique card, all the colours are available 'duplexed' with any colour combination on the back and front - at extra cost. Add to this the unique character of the letterpress process, giving your card another dimension, and you have a card that really means business and speaks volumes about you and your company. I'm happy to post 1 or 2 colour samples of your choice - please email - 140096897 2. Card Colours - Colorplan 540gsm Colorplan 540gsm. Stock card colours available: Ebony Black, Dark Grey, Mist, Pristine White and Duplexed Ebony/White. There are a total of 56 colours in the Colorplan range - all other current colours are available at extra cost. 133651137 3. Barfly Jack Customer: Barfly Jack, Guildford, Surrey. Customer liked all options - so he asked for 50 of each. Extra thick (540gsm) luxury business cards - black Colorplan. Examples: debossed clear foil, silver foil, gold foil. 125414310 4. dwp "DE-EMBOSSED"/silver foiled Example: blind "DE-EMBOSSED" and silver foil. 125414311 6. dwp debossed clear foil and gold foil. Extra thick (540gsm) letterpress foil business cards - black Colorplan. Example: debossed clear foil and gold foil. 128184300 8. Chris Tompson Customer: Chris Tompson, Warwickshire. Chris sent me perfectly presented artwork for his understated, minimalist cards - proving the point that less is more. 125878573 10. Colorplan samples. Colorplan 540gsm colour samples. From the top are Nubuck Brown, Kraft and Harvest. 126011133 13. Blind debossed + grey foil I was asked to provide artwork similar to one of my own cards for this one. 127078222 20. Blind debossed + gold foil 130644837 24. Copper foil and blind debossed on Colorplan Kraft 540gsm Lee wanted to add personal details as required and asked for a debossed area to accommodate different contact information as required - a very classy card. 133469588 25. Card: Colorplan 540gsm duplexed ebony/white Foil: Copper 133470020 26. Card: Colorplan duplexed white/dark grey Foil: Gold/Black on white - Gold/White on grey. 133470469 29. Card: Colorplan black 540gsm Foil: Matt Grey + Blind Debossed logo. 133651767 30. Card; Colorplan Duplex Ebony/White Foil: Satin Silver on Ebony - Black on White 136993487 31. Card: Colorplan Ebony 540gsm Foil: White / Clear Gloss 136994064 32. Growler Design. Card Ebony 540gsm Foil: White and Metallic Blue 138931310 33. Floating Frog. Card Bright Red Debossed Clear Foil + White Foil 141262090 34. Terenzio Alterio - Italy Colorplan 540gsm Ebony Black Debossed clear foil + White Foil 148068219 35. Terenzio Alterio. Examples of Embossed / Debossed / De-embossed + Black Foil on Colorplan Pristine White 540gsm. 148068223 36. Archer Mann. Colorplan 540gsm Pristine White Debossed + Gold + Red Foils 148068220 37. Paul Atchison. Card Ebony 540gsm White + Metallic Blue foil 148068221 40. Heart of England - London Colorplan 540gsm Blind debossed + red and black foils 151675333 41. Inspire Marine - Devon Colorplan 540gsm Dark Grey Debossed clear gloss foil + white foil 151679977 42. Lancero - The Netherlands Colorplan 540gsm Dark Grey White and metallic red foils 154943253 51. dwprint Colorplan 540gsm Dark Grey Clear Gloss and White Foil on front White Foil details on reverse 154944905 53. Pangaean Group - UK Colorplan 540gsm Pristine White Black Foil 155438804 54. Lush Hair Design - Spain Colorplan Ebony Deep Gold Foil 155438933 55. Cabinet Office - London Colorplan 540gsm Pristine White Black Foil 155438805 56. Biz Buz - London Black and red foils on Pristine White 540gsm 156280367 72. Eastfield Pristine white Blue and grey foils 163626598 73. Jack Webdale - designer Ebony Matt silver foil text Logo: blind debossed/silver foil/clear gloss foil Thanks for the photo Jack :) 165193141 74. Copper on Ebony 165193142 75. Kayako Duplexed Cobalt blue/pristine white Black/white/metallic blue foils 165193143 77. LDM Ebony Colorplan 540gsm Blind debossed logo White foil details 165316611 79. Sosa Ebony Colorplan 540gsm Pink/silver foil + blind debossed 165317369 201654970 201654972 201655058 85. Samples Black text with gold, silver and opaque blue logo on Colorplan Pristine White 540gsm. 168851023 86. Samples White text with gold, silver and opaque lime green on Colorplan Ebony 540gsm 168851024 94. Paul Atchison Opaque red and white foils + blind debossing on Colorplan Dark Grey 700gsm 171368160 96. Ameerah Lounge Gold foil on Colorplan 540gsm 175638376 105. Lancero - Netherlands White foil on Colorplan Bright Red 540gsm 179961155 107. Gibson Thornley Cpper and black on duplexed Colorplan Dark Grey/White. 179961157 108. Carr Jewellers Green and matt silver foils on Colorplan Ebony 540gsm. 179961158 110. Blind debossed + gold foil o white 179961988 111. UK Elite Silver and white foils on Ebony 540gsm. 179961989 112. Copper and black on duplex grey/white 179961990 114. Friendly Wealth Matt silver and black on duplex grey/white. 179962160 115. Joy Design Green and grey on pristine white 540gsm. Nice minimalist design. 179962161 118. Cigar Sanctum Satin Gold foil on Colorplan 700gsm Bitter Chocolate - with gold edge painting. 187493865 119. Castor & Pollux Bright Gold and Silver foil on Colorplan 540gsm Pristine White. 187493866 120. Longimanus Black and Blind debossed on Colorplan 700gsm Pristine white. 187493867 EP Satin silver foil and BLIND EMBOSSED on Pristine White 540gsm. 193365895 EMBOSSED EP LOGOS White, Ebony, Dark grey 193365896 London Rentals Copper foil and blind debossed on Dark Grey Colorplan 700gsm 193419650 Jino Rose Gold foil on Dark Grey Colorplan 193425978 201682595 201682596 201682597 201682598 201722540 201722541 201722797 201682601 201722798 201682602 201722799 201722800 201682604