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Bespoke Letterpress Business Cards
I specialise in producing short run Letterpress Business Cards on Colorplan 540gsm and 700gsm natural grained card - 50 card colour options available, plus duplex (2 card colours bonded together at G F Smith paper mill for a perfect result).

I prefer to use the hot foil process as I feel in most cases it gives the best results, but if needed I do have the option of mixing a pantone shade and printing with letterpress ink.

Letterpress Ink is only suitable on the lighter shades of Colorplan because it doesn't have sufficient opacity to stay to its true shade on a dark colour - and this is where foil has the edge, as well as the metallic foils being superb as against the metallic inks which are at best lack lustre and weak. In my opinion a design with a mixture of opaque foil (or ink) and a metallic element makes for the best result - add in a blind debossed element and you have all the bases covered - also the option of edge painting or edge foiling is currently very popular.

bespoke letterpress business cards

David Ward Printing - Specialising in bespoke gold foil business cards - email: [email protected]

Above are examples of the different options of BLIND EMBOSSING – shown on Pristine white Colorplan 540gsm.

-LEFT: Blind Embossed – the image is pushed up from the back and requires 2 dies, male and female. There is an extra cost for the embossing – it isn’t possible to emboss FINE DETAIL on the thick (540gsm) card – unless the image is bold a thinner card would need to be used for embossing i.e. 350gsm Colorplan.
-MIDDLE: Blind Debossed – the image is pressed in from the front and should be barely visible on the reverse as the thick card (540/700gsm) will absorb the impression. Blind debossing is an extra pass and is charged as normal 1 colour.
-RIGHT: Blind ‘De-embossed’ – a solid area around the image is pressed into the card giving the perception of the image being embossed and should be barely visible on the reverse as the thick card (540/700gsm) will absorb the impression. Blind ‘de-embossing’ is an extra pass and is charged as normal 1 colour.

-Terms: BLIND – using no colour. IMPRESSION – the pressure/indentation created by the letterpress process. PASS – a single run through the machine.

Please take the time to read this information to avoid future misunderstandings and delays





1.  PROCESSES. Embossing/debossing: The term ‘embossing’ is often generally used to refer to various techniques. For these cards (to keep it simple), I use this term to cover the letterpress process, which is content indented into the card. This can be done with various colours of foil, clear gloss foil, or ‘BLIND’ (no colour). The deepest impression can be achieved for a logo or for large type by using a blind emboss/deboss - blind embossing/debossing is one of my favourite techniques. Please see gallery page at www.davidwardprinting.co.uk for examples. I do not offer the kind of embossing where printed type is raised up on the card, this is often actually ‘thermography’ mistakenly called embossing by some print re-sellers. Certain logos can be raised if no colour (blind embossed) - or a combination of debossed and embossed which I call “de-embossed” where part of an image is pressed into the card leaving certain parts raised up, as in photo number 4 on DWP gallery.

 2.  Letterpress Foil & Blind Ebossed/Debossed Business Cards - extra thick - natural texture (540gsm uncoated) minimum quantity 100 cards. The extra thickness and texture of these cards is immediateley apparent and sets them apart from all the cheaper/thinner mass-produced options. As a comparisan most business cards are only 300gsm to 350gsm.

 3.  Pricing*: Unlike other printing processes (cmyk digital/litho) each colour on either side requires an extra “pass” through the machine and will add to the price.  

Clear gloss foil or blind debossing counts as 1 colour.


Discounts: I don’t usually offer discounts as to the best of my knowledge nobody is offering a lower price for this quality - but if you do find a lower price for the same specification please let me know and I’ll aim to match or beat it. I do offer a discount on additional set of 100 or 200 cards for various staff members.


4.  Standard size: 85mm x 55mm - special sizes are available at extra cost.    


5.  Card / Samples: We use only Colorplan card as I feel this is the best available for letterpress foiling (weight 540gsm) - this is considerably thicker/heavier than “normal” business cards and is a natural grained (uncoated) matt card. My stock colours are: Ebony Black, Dark Grey, White and Ebony/White (duplex) - all other Colorplan colours are available at extra cost (£25). If you would like a sample card please tell me the card colour you want  - card colours can be seen on GALLERY page at www.davidwardprinting.co.uk (photo number 1). Due to the bespoke nature of the manufacturing process there can be a normal variation in shade/texture/rigidity in different ‘makings’ of Colorplan card.


 6.  Timescale: From receipt/approval of artwork/payment approx 7/10 full working days. Non standard sizes or special order colours can add a few days to turnaround. Due to the bespoke nature of these cards we are not able to give exact delivery dates - timescale is approximate. Please reply to emails asap to avoid delays. Choosing a ‘stock’ colour will avoid delays. 

Deadlines: if you have an absolute deadline please tell me straight away to see if it’s achievable an to avoid disappointment.


 7.  Design/artwork/typesetting: Simple/minimalist designs tend to work best for this kind of business card. Various examples of debossed and foiled cards can be seen on my GALLERY page. I can produce typesetting to your instructions for a small extra charge.


Please feel free to email and request our ARTWORK GUIDE PDF for required specs. etc.:


GOLD FOIL OPTIONS - There are several options of gold foils to consider. 1. Standard BRIGHT GOLD (shiny gold) - this is available in light gold, medium gold and deep gold.  2. SATIN GOLD business cards are a nice option for some designs - satin gold is more legible for small type sizes for phone numbers etc. and also a more subtle option for some businesses who want to present a more under stated image.  3. ROSE GOLD BUSINESS CARDS - a rose gold business card is a very classy option for something a little different - gold with a pinkish tinge. An elegantly designed rose gold business card takes a lot of beating IMO.

METALLIC FOIL OPTIONS - Most colours are available in metallic and some in satin finish. Some of the purples and blues are rather special. Personally I like to see a mixture of metallic and non-metallic foils on a business card.

OPAQUE FOIL COLOURS - Most colours are available in opaque foils for letterpress hot foil business cards. If a specific pantone colour is needed and not available in hot foil, I have the option of printing that element with letterpress ink - although I'm usually able to source a suitable foil.


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