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email: [email protected]

HOW TO ORDER:- 1. check PRICE GUIDE below (this is ONLY a guide - I will need to see a MOCK-UP of your design or a photo of a similar design to give you an EXACT quote - I do NOT offer a design service as this can be too time consuming/costly. I can provide simple typesetting/alterations to your brief/layout from £25.    2. If you're happy with the prices shown, send a MOCK-UP or example of your design, along with quantity required and card colour choice for an exact quote to [email protected]

LETTERPRESS FOIL BUSINESS CARDS - 540gsm Colorplan uncoated (natural texture) Letterpress Foil and embossed/debossed cards. 700gsm and duplex also available. This type of card is not suitable for screens/photographs - for this you will need LITHO. The letterpress process is best suited to simple/minimalist design/artwork -please see examples on my BLOG and gallery www.davidwardprinting.co.uk


PRICE GUIDE is for Letterpress FOIL and embossed (debossed) business cards - with you supplying your own black on white vectorised artwork (please ask me for artwork guide PDF if required) - delivery 7-10 working days from receipt of finalised artwork/payment. Printed on COLORPLAN 540gsm card, size 85x55mm - on our stock colours of Ebony, Dark Grey or Pristine White - these prices are a GUIDE only, please email your MOCK-UP for an exact quote.

SPECIAL ORDER CARD COLOURS are available at £20 extra (200 cards 540gsm) and may add a few days to delivery period - 700gsm and DUPLEX colours also available at extra cost.

Colorplan card colour chart available here:- http://gfsmith.com/paper/colorplan


PRICE GUIDE (subject to sight of copy/visual - please send a mock-up of your design for an exact custom quote)

1 colour, 1 side  -  200 @ £155 

1 colour each side (or 2 colours 1 side)  -  200 @ £195

Additional print colours - £50 per colour, per side - based on 200 cards

- prices assume vectorised 100% BLACK on white artwork PDFs supplied by client - simple typesetting from £25 for me to typeset to your brief/visual/example 

100 also available - please ask for quote 

SPLIT quantities:- (ie 4x50) £25 per additional name

PROOFS (machine pulls from plate) @ £15 per colour per plate (as part of an order)

ARTWORK: typesetting to your layout - approx  £25 for simple typesetting (I do not offer a design service, please consult a graphic designer)

SPECIAL ORDER CARD COLOUR 540gsm + £20 (solid colour)  -  700gsm also available as well as DUPLEX (at extra cost)

GILDED EDGES: foil edges (available on all card colours) :- £170 (200 cards min charge)

  Edge painting (non-metallic) also available as a lower cost option - please ask for quote

VECTORIZATION: If your logo/image needs to be vectorised this can be done for approx £20

DELIVERY (UK) overnight courier/Royal Mail Special Delivery with insurance £10 - international delivery at cost

TURNAROUND:- Stock card colours PRISTINE WHITE, DARK GREY, EBONY BLACK in 540gsm 7-10 w/days from receipt of payment and finalisation of artwork. 

Special order card colours and 700gsm and all DUPLEX card may add up to 5 w/days as this is made to order at GF Smith - coloured edges will add a further 5 w/days


TERMS: payment with order please.

DEPOSIT: If your order requires discussion/alterations before finalising I usually ask for a deposit of £50 to show your commitment - the balance is then due when artwork and card colours are  finalised. 

ARTWORK: Please email a mock-up/visual/photo of your design/layout for me to follow (I don't offer a 'design' service as this can be very time consuming/costly. OR email your own 100% BLACK ON WHITE vectorised artwork - I find I can usually suggest ways to resolve any issues/problems with customers' designs or artwork (if you've supplied your own) - but if I can't come up with an acceptable solution I will gladly refund your deposit.



The above prices apply if your design/artwork is suitable for our small foiling machine (minimalist design) and you want our stock size (85x55mm) and one of our 3 stock colours.

Quantity can be split for various staff members for additional £25 per extra name. 

Blind or clear gloss foil embossing (debossing) requires an extra 'pass' and counts as 1 colour. 


ARTWORK:  I am happy to supply simple typesetting/artwork to your design/brief (or show me a photo from Google images etc) from approx £25 - for 'creative design' please contact a graphic designer.

I'm afraid I don't accept orders if I feel the design is not suitable for the letterpress foil process or for the equipment I use - in these instances I'm happy to offer suggestions to improve/modify your artwork once the deposit (£50) has been received, to show your commitment - I have to make a charge for this due to the number of enquiries I receive.

If supplying your own artwork please ask for my ARTWORK GUIDE PDF if required.


Size: Standard size 85mmx55mm 

CARD: The standard card I use is Colorplan 540gsm. This is an uncoated card with a natural grain (matt) finish and is noticeably thicker and more tactile than most people have come across. This is due to the fact that standard (mass production) printing processes (digital and litho) are unable to print on this thickness/type of card. To give a comparison, most business cards you will come across are only around 300gsm, and some are even less.


Card colours: Stock colours - Ebony Black, Dark Grey and Pristine White - see BLOG/GALLERY for colour examples. For an extra charge of £25 all the 56 colours in the Colorplan range are available.


Samples: If you would like us to send a sample please have a look at the card colours on the GALLERY page at www.davidwardprinting.co.uk and state the card/foil colour sample you want.


Foil colours: Most colours are available in either metallic or opaque - but not necceasarily PMS matches - please enquire. 


Multiple lots: The foil process is well suited to small lots of cards with different names - If you wish to have different cards for various staff members please ask for quote.

Delivery by overnight courier, signed for - £10 (UK) - overseas at cost.

Prices subject to ?sight? of design/artwork/logo.

Business Card Thickness - extra thick business cards on Colorplan 540gsm and 700gsm

UK business card thickness is measured in GSM (grammes per square metre) - most business cards you will come across are around 300gsm - this is due to the fact that thin card is much easier to print on by the more common printing processes of lithography and digital printing. Most printing machines of this type can only handle card thickness up to a maximum of 400gsm - this is still not really thick enough but when the budget is limited it can be acceptable for some people. This type of card is usually very smooth coated art board to help the cmyk process.

However when we start talking about luxury business cards for people who take a pride in their career or business and want to reflect this with their business card there are various superior options available. Most people who receive our sample business cards, which contain the main options and different thicknesses of card. Where the standard litho cards are very smooth and velvety to the touch, the Colorplan card used for letterpress / foil printing are uncoated with a natural grained texture.

Printing processes for printing business cards

Cheaper printing processes of litho and digital, where the cards are printed cmyk in as many as 80 cards per sheet for different customers called the 'share-a-sheet' system. This is why it isn't possible to guarantee exact colour shades or Pantone matching, because everything is done by computer and the 'average' colour is determined for the whole sheet of say, 40 different business cards. The only way to guarantee exact colour matching is by specifying 'spot colour' where colours are printed separately and your order is printed on its own. Of course this will cost considerably more than printing share-a-sheet.



Hi David.

WOW - Thank you for producing the most professional looking business card.  
I started the process with having an idea in my head of what my business card should look like and you made it a reality.
You have helped produce the right image that I want for my new venture and as the saying goes - first impressions count.
Thank you for producing my first impression.

Many thanks David
Kind regards


Client: Ian Wright - Wright Photography. Ebony Colorplan business cards

- - -

Hi David,

I received the cards yesterday, they're amazing!! Thank-you so much. the green foil and colour of the card is perfect! I've been a print designer for 13 years and it's a rarity to get that kind of quality these days! I'll certainly be recommending you.

Many thanks!
Alan Pearce - ape.uk.com 

- - -  

Silver foil and blind embossed (debossed) business cards on Colorplan Ebony 700gsm for Jack Webdale. 


- - - 

Hi David

Got the cards today and I think they look fantastic! Better that I ever expected. 

Thank you very much for all your help with steering me in the right direction. 

All the best - Steve

Steve Price - Music Producer. Silver foil on Ebony Colorplan business cards

- - - 

Hi David and Sheila

We received our beautiful business cards today.

I just want to thank you so much for delivering such quality cards. They are just as we imagined and hoped they would be.  We will definitely be ordering more in time.

Thank you again, from all the team here at TLS New Zealand.

Kind regards - Donna. Combined gold foil and cmyk digital (photo) business cards on 580gsm card.

- - - 

Hi David

Thank you so much for the cards, they look amazing and the feedback we've had has been nothing but positive.

Kind regards, Gary

Client: The Floating Frog


Product type: extra thick letterpress foil business cards

Stock: Colorplan Brilliant Red 540gsm

Process: de-embossed logo  + white foil

Designed by: Gary Hartley

- - -

May 2014 

Just received my new business cards and I have to say I am absolutely delighted with the final result, well worth paying the little bit extra. Excellent design and excellent service, I will recommend you to anyone I know in the market for new (classy) business cards. Superb! 

Graham Hill Financial Services - gold foil on pristine white business cards

- - - 

Hi David

Just received the cards.




Ken Docherty - Inspired Marine - white and blind embossed (debossed) letterpress business cards

- - - 

Hi David

Received the cards, thanks so much for the quick delivery of these and the cards look fantastic.

Regards Gary

Client: Digitop Ltd - Surrey


Product type: extra thick luxury letterpress foil business cards 

Stock: Colorplan Ebony 540gsm

Process: metallic blue and silver foil business cards.

Designed by: Gary Oates

- - - 

Dear David,

I received the cards yesterday, very impressed with such a speedy execution and delivery.

The cards are excellent! Myself and my cients are very happy!

Kind regards, Jolanta 

Client: Jolanta V. - Photographer - London

Client website: www.jolantav-photography.co.uk 

Product type: extra thick luxury letterpress foil business cards

Stock: Colorplan Pristine White 540gsm 

Process: blind de-embossed logo + gold foil 

- - -

Hi David

They arrived first thing this morning and look fantastic!

Will you keep the dies - I will probably be re-ordering in a few months...

Thanks again, Tamsin

Client: Tamsin Allen - Designer - London

Client website: www.tamsinallencreative.com 

Product type: extra thick luxury letterpress silver foil business cards

Stock: Colorplan Ebony/White Duplexed 540gsm

- - -

Thanks David

I received them today and they look great! I wrote a blog post you might be interested in: blog.think7photo.com/2011/09/think-7-business-cards-by-david-ward/

Cheers, Bob

Client: Bob Pease - Photographer

Product type: extra thick luxury embossed (debossed) letterpress foil business cards

Stock: Colorplan Ebony 540gsm

Process: Debossed Clear Gloss foil logo + white foil

- - -

Good afternoon David,

I hope you are well on this (rare) sunny afternoon.

Apologies for the delay but I just wanted to say a huge than you for the Were Dreams business cards.

They are fantastic and my client was over the moon with them.

The even better news is that I should have another order for you very soon.

Have a lovely afternoon and thanks again.


Client: Nicki V. - Designer   -  London


Product type: extra thick luxury letterpress silver foil business cards

Stock: Colorplan Ebony

- - -

Hi David

Just to let you know that the business cards arrived today. They are absolutely amazing. Thanks a lot.

Thanks, Gosia

Client: Gosia S. - Photographer - London

Product type: extra thick luxury letterpress foil business cards

Stock: Colorplan Black 540gsm

Process: De-embossed clear foil and silver foil business cards

 - - -

 Hi David

Got the cards this morning thanks. They are just perfect and the quality of them lived up to the excitement of receiving them!! 

It's great to have a card I'm proud to had out to people. I'm now going to be on a mission to get more people to order them just so I can be involved in the process of getting them done!
Paul A - Designer - UK 
Foiled white and blue on Colorplan 540gsm ebony 
- - - 
Hi David,

Just received the cards and they look fantastic! I'm really pleased with them and will definitely be ordering more in the near future.

Thank you ever so much.

Salome Villaverde Lopez - Spain. Extra thick gold foil business cards on Colorplan Ebony.
- - - 

Hi David and Sheila,

Hope you're both well. Just wanted to let you know that we received our
cards this morning and they look fantastic.
Thanks for doing such a great job on them!

We will be in touch when we need a second run.

Thanks again

Chameleon Visual - London. Gold foil business cards on Colorplan Pristine White 540gsm.
- - -
Thank you - the cards look wonderful - I'll be ordering again!
KarenSimpson, Oregon, USA,  February 2013 - Extra thick gold foil business cards 

Hi David,

The cards arrived this morning and look superb, thank you.
I really liked the extra demo card you send with the gold foil lettering on grey, I think I might opt for an inverted white on black card next time!

Thanks again,
Hi David, thanks for the cards. They're beautiful!

Will be in touch about getting a repeat.

Hi Sheila

I arrived back from my meeting to find the business cards and we are absolutely delighted with them. Thank you.

Best wishes

Hi David

THANK YOU so much for the cards, they really are great!! We are very happy with it!

Kind regards

Ingrid and James

January 2012. Chateau Bee, Guernsey - duplex claret and white 540gsm letterpress foil business cards - www.thechateuabee.com 


I received the business cards today and they look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! You definitely exceeded my expectations.
Thank you so much for all your help and I really love them ? you are brilliant at what you do and they are even better than I imagined
- Ayshea Donaldson, My London Wedding Planner  www.mylondonweddingplanner.com

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